The weekend started with free practice one on Friday with the weather slightly cloudy but warm it was looking to be a positive start to the weekend. Free practice one saw only Harrison and a Ben hit the track as Sullivan was at school completing his maths GCSE paper that morning, leading to a finishing position for the session of 11th for Harrison and a best time of 1:43.183 and a finishing position of 18th for Ben with a best time of 1:45.277. Friday free practice day also saw the arrival of our sponsor Scimitar Custom to the circuit who spent the day taking photos of everything we do as well as learning the paddock and how it all works as well. Friday afternoon saw the arrival of Sullivan in time for free practice 2. FP2 started at 17:15 with the temperature slightly cooler than the morning and the clouds still around. The end of the session and Sullivan managed to cross the line in 3rd with a best time of 1:40.964, Harrison finished in 14th with a time of 1:43.167, and finally Ben crossed over the line in a respectable 17th with a best time of 1:43.573.

Saturday morning and it was time for qualifying. The weather was cooler again and cloudy going into the session, Sullivan looked to be on for pole position throughout the session until the last lap of the session when he was beat by Belford, leading to a second position start for Sullivan with his best time being 1:40.276 only 0:0.109 seconds off of pole. Harrison managed to finish the session in 16th with a best time of 1:42.568, and Ben managed to finish only 2 places behind in 18th with a time of 1:42.852. Finally, it was time for race one with the sun beaming down and the weather warming up it was lights out on race one. All 3 riders got good starts to the race and they all had incredible and clean battles throughout, culminating in Sullivan crossing the line in 1st after a great race, Harrison crossed the line in 13th, and Ben finished the race in 19th.
After all of the excitement on Saturday it was time for warm up early Sunday morning, and finally race 2 that afternoon. Sullivan lined up on the grid in 6th, Harrison in 16th, and Ben in 20th. The weather was warm and sunny and with everybody in high spirits it was lights out on the final race of the weekend. Another good clean race was had by all riders with hard battles fought once again, Sullivan looked to take 2nd after Belford ran wide at the last turn of the last lap, however he was too quick on the gas which led to a highside out of the last turn and which resulted in him being hit by 2 riders and a DNF for his race. However, Harrison had managed to make his way up through the pack he was with to cross the line in 9th, and Ben also managed to gain a few places and crossed the line in 18th. Overall, the weekend was full of highs and lows with lots of great weather along the way. We would like to thank all of our team sponsors that work so hard with us to allow us to go racing as without them racing would be a struggle.