Round 2 of the 2024 British Talent Cup was held at Donington Park GP Circuit last weekend between the 17th – 19th May, with more points scored by the Wilson Racing team securing Harrison a championship position just outside of the top 10 after the weekend in 11th, down by 71 points from championship leader Lucas Brown.
Free practice and qualifying.
Friday and what is usually a day filled with 2 free practice sessions, this week would host only Free Practice 1 due to a large majority of the British Talent Cup riders participating in their GCSE’s Friday day, which meant a late start Friday with an early start to follow on Saturday. Friday 5pm and the riders took to the 2.4875-mile circuit to complete their first free practice session of the round. All 4 riders looked strong however were only just getting back into the flow of things after a busy week of exams. On lap 8 Harrison suffered a technical difficulty leading to him retiring from the session with almost half of the session still to go. When the chequered flag came out the riders finished the session with Harrison in 18th, Ben 14th, Sam 24th and Iwan 22nd.

Saturday morning 9am and it was time for the second free practice session. With the riders getting a good night’s sleep they were ready to go for what would be a very busy Saturday with free practice 2, qualifying and race 1 all in the day. The green light went on for free practice 2 and the riders headed off on track. With it being an early start the weather wasn’t fully playing ball with it being a bit overcast, foggy and cold but luckily for the riders it was still dry. As the session progressed so did the riders with Harrison crossing the line in 13th, Ben 20th, Sam 26th and Iwan 18th. After the session it was all hands-on deck to get the bikes ready for qualifying at midday. With everything ready to go the riders got on their bikes and made their way down to pitlane once again for their qualifying session. The weather had got slightly better but not much warmer since the mornings free practice 2 but at least the fog had cleared. As the riders continued with the session it became apparent that the times were so close together, they would need to push hard to gain a good starting position for Race 1. The flag was out and the times were so close! Iwan managed an incredible lap time on his very last lap of the session which pushed him up to 13th on the grid for race 1 after crossing the line with a time of 1.41.449 only 1.391 seconds off of the leader Julian Correa! Harrison managed to cross the line in 14th, Ben in 21st and Sam in 26th.

Race 1
After the excitement of such a close qualifying it wouldn’t be long before the riders would need to head out for the final time on Saturday to complete race 1 of the weekend at 3:30pm. 12 minutes before the race, pitlane opened and the riders were off for their out laps. Joining back up on the grid all riders were confident and ready to go. Then 3:30pm and lights out and away they went with the riders getting a good start. Unfortunately, after a few laps the front group managed to break away leaving Harrison and Iwan to battle it out further down the order back in between 12th and 20th. Further back was Ben and Sam who were in the final group after the group Harrison and Iwan were in also managed to break away. After a close race in all of the groups respectively, Harrison finished in 12th, Ben 21st, Sam 25th and Iwan 17th. With the grid for race 2 being determined on fastest lap times from race 1 this would see Harrison lining up in 12th, Ben 23rd, Sam 25th, and Iwan 15th for Race 2 at 11:15am Sunday.

Warm up and Race 2.
After a busy Saturday it was finally time for Sunday which would include a morning warm up at 9:15am for 8 minutes and Race 2 which was set to start at 11:15am. Morning warm up and the riders headed out on track for their 8 minutes, 6 lap warm up session. All riders completed warm up and headed back to the awning for a short break before the mornings race 2. 11:02am and the riders left the awning ready for race 2. With the team on the grid to meet them they were lined up and had around 4 minutes before the bikes would be started and it was time to race again. As the lights went out for the riders warm up lap Iwan set off and made it just to the end of the pitlane before he stopped on the track with a technical, he was quickly bought off of the circuit by the marshals and the team swarmed the bike to get him back out of track but it was quickly diagnosed that he had blown his clutch up with a heavy start and the bike wouldn’t be able to be raced so Iwan DNS the race. With the others back after their warm up lap and the remaining riders took their positions ready for lights out. Then lights out and off they went with the riders getting great starts once again. With the front 5 breaking away after a few laps again Harrison was left battling for a top 10 finish. Unluckily for the riders a red flag was bought out 3 laps before the end of the race bringing a premature end to the final race of the weekend. With more then two thirds distance completed the race results were called which left Harrison in 8th, Ben 18th and Sam 20th.
Overall, it was a productive weekend with Harrison scoring more points towards his championship whilst still recovering with his broken foot, and more valuable experience gained by all riders. As always, the team would like to say a huge thank you to all of our team sponsors as you all really do help with making our team the best in the paddock and helping the next generation of talent to progress and achieve their dreams.