Harrison Mackay

Harrison Mackay #61
2017 25th June 1st time on a bike
2017 – FAB racing at last 2 rounds coming 13th/14th and 10th/11th 2018 – Mini moto AC40pro class FAB racing 10th overall in the championship.
2019 – Metrakit 50 FAB racing 9th overall in the championship. 2020 – Metrakit 50 5th overall and Metrakit 70 4th overall at FAB racing
2021 – 1st season at BTC, 26th overall 2022 – 2nd BTC season with Wilson Racing
In his free time Harrison enjoys training, flat track, running, cycling, as well as playing his x-box

Harrison is looking to finish the 2022 championship in the top 10.

Sullivan Mounsey

Sullivan (Manic) Mounsey #4
2016 Joined the Scott Redding academy.
2017 – Tyco BMW junior team mini moto 3rd overall. 2018 – Hyundai junior team Metrakit 3rd overall
2019 – Held junior team Metrakit 8th overall
2020 – 1st season at BTC with PR racing coming 16th overall
2021 – 2nd season at BTC with PR racing coming 9th overall
2022 3rd season at BTC with Wilson racing

Sullivan hopes to finish the 2022 season in the top 10.