AKA Smoooooth Sully 2022-2023

Sully joined Wilson Racing at Donington Park 2 rounds into the new 2022 season after he gathered the funds to race. In 2022 he raced a great season showing progression race after race with his best position being 2nd at Knockhill. in 2022 he was still running under his nickname ‘Manic Mounsey’, but the manic would be worked out of him by the team in 2023. He finished his first season with Wilson Racing in 13th position with 88 points. In 2023 He came back with a brand new attitude to racing and his career, he was training hard and working hard at the track with the team to gain the best possible results. In 2023 Sully and the team even won the first race at Moto GP. by the first visit to Donington that same year Sully managed to implicate the all new and improved Smoooooth Sully showing the world his new and improved riding style to everyone. At the last round at Donington the points were close and Sully was in with a chance of winning the championship, all he had to do was win. Unfortunately tragedy struck and Sully was caught up in another riders crash causing him to loose the championship to Evan Belford. He finished the championship in Second with a total of 257 points. After a great year with the team Sully went on to be selected for the Red Bull Rookies Cup. He is now racing at the Red Bull Rookies Cup and training under the Wilson Racing banner. 

Best Finishes

1st – Donington Park Visit 1 Race 1, Brands Hatch race 1, Moto GP race 1, Thruxton Race 1, Oulton Park race 1.                                                                                                                                                                             2nd – Oulton Park race 2, Donington Park visit 2 race 2.                                                                                       3rd – Knockhill race 1 and 2, Brands Hatch race 2, Thruxton race 2.