Gary Wilson and Nikita Cartwright wilson racing uk
Nikita Cartwright and Gary Wilson

In 2019 the team has stepped up to compete with two riders in the highly competitive European Talent Cup.

Previously, Wilson Racing were Hel Performance British Motostar (Moto3) standard class champions in 2017 and went on to field five riders in 2018.

The team was established to develop young riders back in 1985 by Gary Wilson.

Having moved to Almeria in Spain in 2014 and with thoughts of retirement, he was quickly drawn back to the racing scene after the organisers of the British Superbike championship announced the launch of Hel Performance Motostar British Championship standard class.

This championship is currently the only one in the UK whereby a rider can compete on a proper Moto3 Honda NSF 250R racing bike. The attraction of the standard class was the level playing field as well as its relative affordability. Teams cannot make any alterations to the engine but can choose tyres and suspension for example.

Gary Wilson’s approach has always been that he wants his young riders to understand the race bike and the circuits they race at. His belief is that if they can concentrate on getting their lap times down by better understanding of the machinery and track the rest will follow.

Previously he had great success with a rider called Chris Martin. He won the British 125cc championship with Chris Martin before the pair went on to race at GP level.

Nikita Cartwright, who runs a successful embroidery business, has also become an important part of the team organising and providing hospitality for the team, sponsors and guests as well as producing the team wear.