Jack Hart 2018-2019

Jack Hart raced for the team for 2 seasons between 2018 and 2019. In 2018 he raced with Wilson Racing in the British Moto 3 Standard Championship finishing the season with his best result being 11th at the second visit to Brands Hatch during race 2 walking away from the season with a combined 86 points. In 2019 the team went out Spain to compete in the European Talent Cup with Jack and his team mate Fenton Seabright. During the 2019 season Jack managed to get a best finish of 2nd at the ETC in the last chance race in Estoril with the team. He managed to finish the season with 40 points after separating from Wilson Racing mid season. In 2018 he finished 11th in the British Moto 3 Standard class then in the 2019 ETC championship he finished 30th.