Max Cook 2017-2018

Max cook rode for the team for 2 seasons between 2017-2018. He had an amazing first season with the team winning the Standard Moto 3 Motostar Championship by 148 points to Victor Rodriguez with an astonishing total of 517 points. He won 15 of the 23 races and placed on the podium in 6 other races! This amazing ride would earn him a seat at the Red Bull Rookies Cup. In 2018 he only competed in 3 rounds due to his Rookies Cup commitments, however he still managed to place 12th with 81 points. After Wilson Racing he made the move onto the Red Bull Rookies Cup, Junior GP missing out heading to Moto 3 due to covid, Stock 600 in Britain and is now riding the British Superbikes. We have also had his younger brother James ride for the team back in the 2020 and 2021 seasons.