A brilliant weekend at Moto GP saw some massive highs for the Barnsley based Wilson Racing team as they competed in the 6th round of the British Talent Cup. This round would prove difficult for riders with massively changing weather conditions, from dry to wet and back to dry again this fast and tricky circuit would take skill and courage to beat. Sullivan Mounsey would take his 3rd win of the season in a very wet race 1, with Harrison managing to bring home another top 10 finish in race 2, and Ben finishing 13th in race 2 in his debut appearance at this event.
Free practice and qualifying.
Friday would see the riders on track for 3 sessions with both free practices and qualifying held on this day. As FP1 got underway the riders headed out on a dry track rearing to go, however problems arose for Harrison after only one lap which saw him pull into the pits, his visor wasn’t clipped in properly before the session leading it to fly out whilst on track. After pulling in and explaining what had happened the BOE Motorsport garage opened up and out stepped David Munoz. Luckily for Harrison, David uses the same helmet and he ran back into the garage unclipped his own visor and fitted it to Harrisons helmet allowing him to continue the session. By the end of FP1 Harrison came back in 13th, Ben in 15th and Sully in 4th.
A bit of down time and then out for FP2. With all riders on the grid improving their times positions would change, with Harrison coming across the line in 13th, Ben in 22nd and Sully in 2nd. With the session over it was back into pitlane where the wheels were changed for new ones with new tires on them, and the fuel tanks were taken back to the tents for refuelling ready for the session ahead as bikes were not allowed to leave pitlane during this time. With the bikes back together and both riders and bikes refuelled it was time for qualifying. With FP2 still fresh in their minds the riders rode brilliantly improving yet again on their times leading to Harrison finishing in 12th, Ben in 20th, and Sully in 3rd.
Race 1.
With the weather taking a turn for the worse all-day Saturday it was set to be a wet race. With the bikes lined up down pitlane until being released for their sighting laps it gave the riders chance to get ready and decompress before heading out. The riders went around for their sighting laps, lined up on the grid and then it was lights out! Sully got a great start leading by turn 3. Lap 6 and Evan Belford crashes out leaving Sully leading the race with over a 20 second gap to second place, but just a few turns later at turn 4 we would see a big moment for him when he almost lots the rear of his bike coming out of the corner, but luckily, he managed to stay on, get back on the track and continue the race, crossing the line 1st with a 22.890 second gap. With only 2 laps to go and after fighting all race for a top 20 position Ben unfortunately had to retire from the race with a technical. Harrison continued to push on hard throughout the race trying his best to make a point positioning finish in the tricky conditions, however it wasn’t mean to be and he crossed the line in 22nd. This win would mean Sully would be 2nd in the championship standings.
Race 2.
Race 2 would see Sully lining up 2nd on the grid, Ben 19th and Harrison in 25th. With lights out the riders started race 2 strong with Sully leading into the second corner and Harrison jumping up to 18th in a few turns, and Ben up to 16th as well. But disaster would strike for Sully at turn 7 of the opening lap when he took the turn to tight causing him to tuck the front. Harrison and Ben would continue to have a brilliant race with both riders managing to come across the lie with points. Harrison gained an incredible 15 places crossing the line in 10th, and Ben finished 13th.
With the results from this weekend the new championship standings are, Sully in joint 3rd with Amanuel Brinton on 151 points, Harrison in 18th with 31 points, and Ben in 21st with 16 points in his first ever British Talent Cup season. There was some incredible riding this weekend as well as team work from all which helped us claim victory as well as the all-important championship points. As always Wilson Racing would like to thank its team sponsors and supports who are with us every step of the way.